For pottery has always been one of the necessary attributer of civilized life.
 —Philip Rawson

"Like Clay In The Hand Of The Potter, So Are You In My Hand." 
Jeremiah 18::6

Jars of Clay

     Since the first time I took a lump of soft clay to the wheel, I’ve always been energized by its look and feel in my hands.  I find great enjoyment in creating pots that will become an intimate part of other’s daily lives... as they are held, sipped from, eaten from, even brought to those covered dish dinners at church.  For me, creating and using pots touches our humanity.

My pottery is intended for everyday use,  I desire my pots to embody a feeling of warmth and friendliness, from their pure functional intent, and the simple process of their making. Each vessel is one-of-a-kind in its own way it is art, vulnerable yet useful. I strive for each piece to feel completely at home in the hands of its user…comfortable to hold and easy to use.  

 Member of the Arkansas Craft Guild


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